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Post by Shadow on Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:16 pm

For those of you like me, and dont know jack doodles about wastegates. Here is the thread for you:

The wastegate bypasses exhaust gas before it goes through the turbine housing. So, when the wastegate opens the turbo will create less boost. Since there is less exhaust going through the turbine to spin the turbo.

This means... The more boost you want to run either the wastegate needs to be smaller or it needs to be closed more. Since you guys want to run upwards of 40psi... You'd need a smaller wastegate. A larger wastegate is only needed if your going to be keeping the boost low on a free flowing turbine and exhaust. Since the turbine is easier to flow out of than a small wastegate hole you'll get more boost that's why you opt for a larger wastegate for low boost applications.

For instance... On my small 16g with its stock internal wastegate it will boost creep to 25psi if I'm trying to keep it at 15psi... This is a sign of a too small wastegate. Now if I crank up the boost to 25psi I can hold it till the boost starts to drop off due to it being a small turbo. No creep. Then if I try to hold 30psi it will spike 30 and then fall off rapidly. This is a sign of either a wastegate that is too big for the ammount of boost I'm running or it's getting blown open due to the backpressure created in the exhaust manifold.

Dual wastegates.... Only need them on a divided housing exhaust manifold. This would be on twinscroll turbines that have to have one wastegate per side of the turbine housing. If he's not running a twinscroll turbo with a divided housing and manifold. Then you don't need two wastegates... Especially if you want to run high boost... <end>

This is a reply that someone wrote on DSMtuners. Hope it helps you guys out like it helped me out

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