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Brakes Choices for Dummies Empty Brakes Choices for Dummies

Post by BoxMan on Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:15 am

Well i see alot of threads on here about how to make your car fast...but not many on how to stop it. This becomes very important after you cross that 1/4 mile line or if a deer decides to jump out in front of you and yes andrew they are plotting lol. So anyway here it goes.

First im going to talk about rotors. Now for alot of people just plain replacement rotors will work fine. They will also work well on a drag car to an extent. But if your going to be doing some serious braking then upgrading your rotors will make a huge difference in the car. Now alot of people don't know which is best. That all depends on what your going to be useing the car for. There are three types of high performance rotor Slotted, Drilled and Drilled/Slotted. Slotted rotors will give you the maximum stopping performance. The slots are designed to basically cut into the pad causing more friction. This will wear your pads out much more quickly but definitely improves your stopping distance. They are also the most reliable. Drilled rotors will not improve stopping distance. They are meant to get rid of heat as quickly as possible. They prevent brake fade when being used hard for extended periods such as on a road course. The problem is they are more prone to cracking. Because they are drilled through the rotor completely they tend to stress crack. Therefore make sure to get a very good brand. No ebay junk or you could explode a rotor. Drilled and slotted are obviously a mix of both. They are mainly meant for track racing. There not normally meant for street driving. They can be used all the time once again make sure to get a very good set, I cannot stress this enough! So whats the best rotor for you. Most people will be fine with a good slotted rotor ie brembo, or power slot. It will drastically improve stopping distances and you should have no fade issues.

Now onto pads. There are alot of misconceptions about pads. There are three main types of pads. Semi Metallic, Organic, and Ceramic. Now everyone springs for the extra and gets the ceramic pads right. Thinking oh my car will stop faster...WRONG!! Ceramic pads are great for city driving. There quiet and produce less dust. BUT they are actually worse for performance driving. They do not transfer heat well and will fade alot quicker then a semi metallic. So now that we know ceramic pads are pretty much only good for our moms and people with big chrome rims lets move on. Organic is meant for heavy duty trucks so we wont even go into that. Semi metallic. The cheapest pads there also the best for high performance. Why you ask because they transfer heat and when you wanna stop from 60+mph thats the most important thing. You want to get that heat away from the rotor/pad. Metal is much better at transferring heat then ceramic therefore you will get much less fade and better pedal feel. The downside is they can be noiser and will produce more brake dust then ceramic but its worth it for performance cars.

So in review the best combo for most performance cars is slotted rotors and a good set of semi metallic pads. If your a serious track racer drilled/slotted or drilled also with a good semi metallic. If its your dd a good set of replacement rotors and some ceramic pads to keep your wheels looking clean. I hope this helps a few people on here make the right choice for there next set of brakes.

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Brakes Choices for Dummies Empty Re: Brakes Choices for Dummies

Post by Shadow on Fri Apr 16, 2010 10:16 pm

Good thread man.

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