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Post by MARTINI on Sun May 16, 2010 1:04 pm

Hey guys...

As you all probaly noticed there is a new tool bar at the bottom of the forum, this is the Meebo tool bar. I would urge all of you to sign up for a meebo account so you can use the chat feature on the bar to talk to other users when they are on the site. you can set it to auto log in every time you visit the forum.

If your not famillia with what Meebo is, Meebo is a web-based chat system that allows you to use AIM, Facebook Chat, Myspace IM, Yahoo & MSN Messenger, Tweeter and other community site chat and share options.

You can also use facebook features such as the like button in the left hand corner.

Have fun...

How am I suppose to install this Kitten?! all the instructions are in turnip!

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