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Post by Lil_Shank on Tue Jun 01, 2010 7:37 pm

ok so after a little more research the car is a 92 ive owned it for about a week now and heres my progress so far...... removed rice rear bumper and heres what it looked like the other day
sexxi   ***SOLD**** 89coupe6
sexxi   ***SOLD**** 89coupe7
sexxi   ***SOLD**** 89coupe8
sexxi   ***SOLD**** 89coupe9

check out the sex valve cover......
sexxi   ***SOLD**** 89coupe11

smoothed out the primer and hit her with some flat black.......
sexxi   ***SOLD**** 89coupe13
sexxi   ***SOLD**** 89coupe14
sexxi   ***SOLD**** 89coupe15
sexxi   ***SOLD**** 89coupe16
thats it for now this car is comming out amazing i cant wait till it is finished

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