Volkswagon Golf/Jetta Mark III factory alarm bypass

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Volkswagon Golf/Jetta Mark III factory alarm bypass Empty Volkswagon Golf/Jetta Mark III factory alarm bypass

Post by MARTINI on Mon Nov 22, 2010 2:47 pm

Might sound dumb but if you own a MK3 you'll need this info at some point. It took me a month to find this info on the net, because every "how to" I fond was missing info or very vauge and missing pictures, so this is the quick easy to understand version.

First off, If you can fix the problem, fix it, if not here is how to kill the factory alarm.

ALSO a few things you need to know....
    *This does not work on the 3.5 Cabrio model 1999.5 - 2002.
    *your keyless entry will no longer work (if equiped)
    *might not work with after market remote starters installed

All that being said, here we go.

1. Gain Access to the alarm module.

1a. Remove your head light swtich & plate next to it. you will have this view behind it.

Volkswagon Golf/Jetta Mark III factory alarm bypass Headlightswitcharea
The silver box you see in the picture is the alarm control module.
93 - 95 module is sliver
96 - 97 module is black
98 - 99.5 module is white

1b. remove lower cover off fuse box (2 or 3 screws) pull down cover.
1c. remove lower knee bolster cover (under steering column) again, 2-3 screws
1d. unclip and lower down fuse block.

2. Now you can unbolt the one bolt that holds the alarm module to its bracket.. and then reach up under the dash to grab it and gain access to the alarms wires and plugs and disconect them.
There are two connectors at the bottom of this module.

3. Under your dash board drop down your fuse box, there are two white plastic hooks on the sides that hold it in place.

4a. Locate this wire connector,
Volkswagon Golf/Jetta Mark III factory alarm bypass 74156_1611021629312_1049378122_1709163_468324_n

4b. disconect this plug and push a 30amp blade fuse into it. (this is the jumper switch for your starter)

Thats it, put your fuse box back, and your head light switch, reconect your battery and your done.

For more detailed information on the factory alarm system see this source: http://faculty.ccp.edu/faculty/dreed/Campingart/jettatech/alarmcentralhelp/alarmhelp2.htm

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