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Post by MARTINI on Wed Dec 22, 2010 3:48 am

Hey guys here is some info for you(s) who want to rebuild a burned out turbo with one of thous online "DIY Turbo Rebuild Kits"...

These kits you see on ebay or craigslist are scams, they make you think that you can just rebuild your turbo in your garage, or at the kitchen table as some of us do with some of our smaller projects...

The people on ebay are selling these kits at 300% profit and ripping you off. They don't care if it works or not, or what happens if it doesn't and why. and by the time the you attempts this home made "REBUILD" and finds out the outcome, they're long gone with your money, or they say you must have done it wrong.

Why a "turbo rebuild kit" will not allow you to remanufacture a turbocharger ?

SIZED WRONG: Turbo "rebuild kits" always include standard (OEM) sized bearings & seals. However, over/undersized internals are most of the times required to compensate for the wear from which the need for rebuild originated in the first place. Even if properly installed, these kits are likely to leave your turbo with excessive shaft play and seal gap, resulting in a leaky, poorly performing turbo that's gonna rapidly fail with even more costly damages.

LACK OF PROPER INSTRUMENTATION: disassembly, reassembly, shaft straightening, polishing, balancing, the fitments of over/undersized internals and testing are as many critical steps to properly remanufacture a turbocharger that are absolutely requiring highly specialized tooling and workmanship.

BALANCING: The common belief is that you can mark the compressor wheel and index it at the same angle to maintain the balancing...sure thing.... But if the turbo failed and needs a rebuild, it's because of unbalance!!! re-assembling it without prior rebalancing is a WARRANTY for failure!! Would you change a car tire on a rim without re-balancing? Certainly not, because it will vibrate for sure at highway speeds! right? Then what about a turbocharger spinning over 100 000 rpm? sounds like something you want to guess at ?

QUALITY: 99% of these cheap "REBUILD KITS" are not genuine components but low quality replicas. Chinese manufactures to produce copies of the real thing for a few Ā¢ents each without any respect to OEM specifications in terms of alloying elements, heat treatments, surface finish, and dimensional tolerancing. it's well known, chinese turbos fail just by looking at them. Then what to expect from a turbo, even genuine, rebuilt with these chinese parts?

WARRANTY: So you still want to give it a shot to save some money??? Just consider that when your home made rebuilt turbo fails again, you'll be back to square one with a turbo that's even more damaged, more expensive to repair, collateral damage to your engine and mostly: more downtime on your car...On the other hand, a profesional remanufacturing by any reputable turbo manufacturer is always warrantied. In the unlikely event of a problem, the inspection, repair or even replacement of your turbocharger is covered by the warranty of the remanufacturer.
Hopefully, with these facts in mind,you will be able to make a clever choice between the "DIY rebuild kit" and the professional, warrantied turbo re-manufacturer.

CONCLUSION Send your turbo out to be rebuilt by a well known re-manufacturer. Or by a new/rebuilt one.

Hope this helps...

Parts of this posting/information was taken from fraud help topics.

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