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Post by MARTINI on Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:33 am

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So I found an interesting write up about the new Rally Art GSX that Mitsubishi is picking pettles off a flower to determand if they will ever release to the public... It's been over 5 years in the making and the concept was made back in 2005 by a company called Millenworks.

Here is some info and some awsome pics of the GSX (be sure to click on the grey images on the right)


For those of you who have Acrobat reader (which you already should unless your on an iPhone HA!) Here is a more detailed artical to read about how they made it: keep in mind it is a pdf file and will take a minute to come up.


Enjoy & try and not drool or jiz on your screen..

How am I suppose to install this Kitten?! all the instructions are in turnip!

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