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Post by MARTINI on Mon Jan 10, 2011 3:34 am

Due to the system that is in place with the server that hosts our forums, it has become nessasary to delete any user name that has joined the forums and after 30 days still has zero posts. In fact, the system automatically does it.

The reason, forums members with 0 post hurt our ranking on the Global community that we are part of. ( They host our forums at no cost, as long as we maintain a spacific ranking among the other forums they host. This is based on a number of factors, thus why posting frequently is encouraged. Forums that fall under the "quota" will have to pay a fee to continue the use of the forum.

In short, My server that our main site is on doesn't support phpBB and Forumotion makes money on advertizing, so if we're not posting, or logging in, we're not seeing thier ads and we're not making them money, and if they arn't making money, then they wont provide us with the forum for free...

Sucks but thats life on the web...

Hopefully in the future once RITUNERZ is making some money off merchandise I can afford to pay for an ad free forum and have more control, till then... Deal...

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