DSM 2G Eclipse Spyder Convertable top Replacment HOW TO DYI

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DSM 2G Eclipse Spyder Convertable top Replacment HOW TO DYI Empty DSM 2G Eclipse Spyder Convertable top Replacment HOW TO DYI

Post by MARTINI on Mon Jul 25, 2011 5:52 pm

I had to replace my top today, some one slashed my old one and it was tan, so I found a complete mint black top at my local junkyard for $100.00

I couldn't find any articals online on how to remove the top as a whole, so I figured I would write and share this DYI artical...

I will hopefully have some pics up later...

- open your top most of the way.
- remove the 3 piece of trim that surrounds the top on the outside the middle piece is screwd in under the turnk lid, the two sides just lift up.
- There is a ruber seal under the trim, peal that off all the way around, carefull not to tear the lining.
- From inside the trunk feel around the ruber inner lining, feel around for the clips that hold it in and remove them along with a strap on your X-brace attached with a snap button...
- remove the back seats
--- there are two bolts you must remove on the back side of the seats, to get at them you must go thru the trunk under the top.
--- there are also two clips in the front of the seat bottom that need to be pulled out.
- once the seats are out you can remove the two inner quater panels
--- speakers must be removed 1st, no need to take the quaters completely out of the car just enough to work around them.
- lift the top back up enough to work down the sides and finish pulling out the rest of the clips that hold the top lining to the body.

------------if you are only replacing the top, continue, if your replacing the motors as well skip this section--------------
-remove the bolts that attach the top to the upper motor gear

-----------skip this section if your leaving your motors----------
- in the space behind where your speakers would be, there are two 12mm bolts you need to remove on both sides.
- there are two greyish 12mm bolts at the top and bottom of the motor housing that need to be removed. (the top has to be all the way down to access them)
- unplug the motors from the wire harnest on both sides
- unplug rear defroster wires from the right side of the larger of the two black boxes under the rear seat.

- now with a little wiggling you should be able to lift the top assembaly as a whole right out the car with the help of a friend.

Intallation is just the opposet... just keep watching for where you might have missed a clip holding the weather seal in place...

Hope this helps and good luck...

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