Meet cancellation and change?

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Meet cancellation and change? Empty Meet cancellation and change?

Post by redvenge99 on Sun Mar 18, 2012 2:19 pm

Well it was nice to see everyone at the meet yesterday(sarcasm) Why is there still no cancellation and date update up? Im a little po'd that i attended to only find out it was cancelled and changed. And i found out through the 401 boys who by the way still showed. Such disorganization.. Now i can see why things are going down hill. Im not placing blame but someone needs to get there shit together. I worked all day tired as hell and sore as hell but still showed, with my car messed up. I thought i was joining a car club not a club with ppl who have cars. I think we need a mandatory meet where we can discuss positions and organization, cause all i see is guys with titles who dont do much of anything. I am not going to reply to any replies to this post I will be there tonite and will gladly hear any and all responses...I dont meen to come off like a dick but this is just the way i see things...

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Meet cancellation and change? Empty Re: Meet cancellation and change?

Post by MARTINI on Sun Mar 18, 2012 4:27 pm

I totally apologize and even when I talked to you last night, I didn't realized you went off the info on the forums, all this shit was done threw the RITUNERZ facebook page. It's usually easier to coordinate everyone threw there since there where 3 clubs involved in the meet and no one even responded to the meet thread on here. As for the 401 guys, they decided last minute to still go last night (they new as of 4PM that we had moved it to tonight)... There was really not "one" person to blame for this but your absolutely right, it is a bit disorganized right now and I'm working on weeding all that bs out... Once we're in full swing again in a few weeks it should pull back together...

At any rate I'll talk to you tonight, and your input is always welcomed...

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