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97 I30 for sale Empty 97 I30 for sale

Post by MARTINI on Tue Mar 27, 2012 4:02 pm

Hey guys, my friend Sarah is selling an I30 that she got roped into, I looked at it for her and it needs more than she can afford to fix. (She has 3 kids and pretty much no income.)

It needs a IAT sensor, knock sensor (which she has bought, just needs to be installed) and it needs an 02 sensor (those are the only codes the OBD puts out) the jack ass who sold it to her took the CEL bulb out... It also needs a front windshield and a few other misc things... She just had the rear struts done as well... it's inspected till 11/12

Here's the CL post on it...


She needs to get the 1600.00 she paid for back so I can find her something that all she needs to put into it is her 3 kids...

I'm sure someone in the community is looking for a MAX/I30 to fix up...

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