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Photo Contest Submission Rules Empty Photo Contest Submission Rules

Post by MARTINI on Mon May 14, 2012 3:16 pm

Please take a moment to read the Photo Contest submission rules.

1. You may only submit 1 photo, and it must be taken between posted dates.
2. It must be your vehicle.
3. The vehicle owner must take the photo unless otherwise directed.
4. Photo program touch up is limited to license plate number removal if you so choose.(the picture goes from the camera to the submission thread otherwise.)
5. No use of Monochrome or Filter Effects through the camera will be acceptable.
6. The photo may not be cropped.
7. The photo must be submitted during the designated time only.
8. Only 10 members may submit per contest.
9. There must be a minimum of 3 entries. If not there will be no winner for that month.
10. Photo Contest is open to ALL FORUM Members and RITUNERZ Members.

Please Note: Submissions that violate these rules, will be deleted with or without notice.

Please Note: By submitting your photos, you give RITUNERZ.COM the rights to your photo. It becomes the property of RITUNERZ.COM.

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