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Post by NateTSi on Wed Aug 08, 2012 11:29 pm

So I recently joined the crew with a 1999 Honda civic. Bought it bone stock with 75k original miles. It is a great car that treats me well. Since purchased, I have put rims, tires, brakes, panel filter, coilovers, foglights, cat-back, and h.i.d.s in it. Nothing to to crazy... Although it is a civic... BEAST! hahahaha

[img]Nate's civic Editdj[/img]

[img]Nate's civic Blackbetty005[/img]

[img]Nate's civic Blackbetty010[/img]

[img]Nate's civic Blackbetty007[/img]

[img]Nate's civic Blackbetty009[/img]

[img]Nate's civic Natescar014[/img]

[img]Nate's civic Blackbetty002[/img]

[img]Nate's civic Blackbetty006[/img]

[img]Nate's civic Blackbetty013[/img]

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