RITUNERZ Event Rules & Regulations Statment

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RITUNERZ Event Rules & Regulations Statment Empty RITUNERZ Event Rules & Regulations Statment

Post by MARTINI on Fri Aug 17, 2012 3:54 pm

The following notice of "RULES & REGULATIONS" applies to all events organized and hosted by RITUNERZ and to all events attended as a member of RIUTNERZ.

1. All drivers must have reached the age of 18 on or before the date of the event or be accompanied by a legal guardian. (21 when required) Unless otherwise stated.

2. All attendees must abide by and obey all local laws and rules set by event staff. RITUNERZ Co-operates with all Law Enforcement Agencies and Officers.

3. All members and attendees must conduct themselves in a manor that reflects positively on RITUNERZ.

4. All members are responsible for any guests they invite to an event.

5.All vehicles are expected to be clean and maintained up to the vehicles maximum potential. Remember our vehicles represent RITUNERZ 24/7 & the club's reputation.

6. Any member or attendee who violates our Rules & Regulations or the Rules & Regulations of the event will be subjected to disciplinary actions deemed appropriate by the Review Board. (Including expulsion from future events, fines charged to the club and/or dismissal from the club)

7. Other rules and regulations may apply, please see individual event pages for further information.

8. By attending any event hosted by RITUNERZ or as a member of RITUNERZ you agree to hold RITUNERZ, it's members, sponsors and promoters, harmless for any loss or injury you may incur while attending such event.

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