Slow Parts from before.

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Slow Parts from before.

Post by ChrisGT on Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:24 pm

Fix your site it cuts my pics in half.........

I probably have some more parts laying around.

Trades welcome.

Everything + Shipping.

Paypal or Cash Only.

Throw me some offers who knows lol.


-Autometer Sport Comp Gauge. 60mm $30
Comes with amber bulb and kit except tubing.

-K&N FIPK - $160 obo around 5k on it has been refreshed. Comes with all bolts and parts.

-K&N Drop In Filter - $30 obo less then 2k on it, has been refreshed

L-Q4 Maf (With coupler and adapter) $50 SOLD - radomirthegreat

-Stock L36 Injectors 67k on em (6) $30 obo

-Injector Connectors (6) $15

-Pyle Eternal 3 fared Capacitor $60 obo

Are you tired of having 0* of KR? Don't want to use your I/C anymore? Well I have the solution this Cartuning Charge pipe with Super Cool Monza BOV.
Throw up an offer lol

Did your Monza BOV break? Is it old and corroded? Well Lucky you I have 2 mint Monza BOV's right here! $10 each

180* T stat drilled

I also have 3 ring worm clamps and 3 T bolt clamps some couplers, flanges, tb gasket, exhaust gasket etc. Throw up offers.

Autometer Sportcomp


K&N Drop In Filter

LQ4 Maf

Stock L36 Injectors

Pyle Cap

Random other goodies in a Box lol

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