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Post by MARTINI on Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:53 pm


They only have one Tech at the moment, and like any dealership tech, they only get paid "BY THE JOB"

So here is what happened to me:

I took my 3rd Gen in for an invited free multi point inspection and a special priced alignment. After the "recommended me replacing a million one parts, because of even the slightest look of wear." The tech refused the alignment because of a bad tie rod end, and they wanted over 200 to replace it. Knowing I had the parts at home, I decided to go home and replace both of them myself.

On my second visit, I returned to get the alignment done. The tech then told me that he could not finish the job because my Tie Rod end lock bolt was frozen in place... Mind you that this is the same bolt I had just had loose when I changed my tie rod end less than 1 hour prior to returning to Inskip. I was told that at a labor rate of $110.00 pH he was willing to try and loosen the bolt with a tourch, I off course knowing that it was bullshit, I had my car taken off thier lift and decided that I would "loosen" this bolt myself and return, knowing full well that he was just trying to make extra money off of me. Needless to say they made me pay for the alighment anyways.

The service advisor informed me that he would help me out on the price of a 2nd aligment if I came back after fixing the bolt problem.

Got home, I put my car up in my drive way and was able to loosen the bolt just as easy as I did prior to going to inskip, I also found that the tech had not tighten the tie rod end bolt on the opposett side. I called the service advisor and told him my findings and he claimed to be simpathetic and offered for me to come back in and he would do what was right and have the tech finish the alighment that I already paid for but they did not complete. Upon my arrival, I was informed that I would actualy have to pay full price for a 2nd alighment, even tho thier tech did it wrong in the 1st place.

I refused and left and will get my aligment done at a local shop.

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Post by Lil_Shank on Tue Jan 04, 2011 7:39 pm

i dont know tini they did mt crank shaft pulley with no probs i will have to talk to jason myself i got u hit me up btw

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