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88 rx7 convertible 4800obo Empty 88 rx7 convertible 4800obo

Post by Rx7Ryu on Sat Feb 19, 2011 2:58 am

I have a 88 mazda Rx7 TII. The body has 126,xxxx on it. The engine has .01 miles. Its been newly rebuilt. It will need to be towed away since the brake booster is shot. This is a semi project car. I have no time to get it up and running 100% and with the winter here I have no warm place to work on the car. It also could use a good buff and wax. It only need a few things and some work to make it 100%. I'm asking 4,800obo. Also willing to accept trades and throw cash in if greater value. No trucks/Suvs, Vans, POS. Tell me what you have and I will decide. Will also throw in all the extra Rx7 stuff i have if bought for the full 4,800 or close to it. Thats all I can think of right now. email or txt me 401-419-0874. If you wish to call call after 4.

Here is a link to some pics. https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/g/image147vo.jpg/ NOW THE HOOD SCOOP IS BLACK I HAVE RECENTLY PAINTED IT.

If the above link dont work heres direct link to the pics

I have a bunch of mod in it heres the list.

3" Racing beat downpipe
3" Corksport exhaust to a 4" tip
3" Corksport midpipe (not cats all free flow)
Act stage 3 6 puck clutch (less then 1,500 miles on it)
10 or 11 lbs Zoom fly wheel
Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump with 10 miles on it
Rtek 2.1
New rear tires with about 1,500 miles on them
Aftermarket deck
Custom hood scoop
8.5MM wires
2.5" Solid aluminum engine mounts and tranny mounts
I have removed power steering and AC but i still have parts if you wish to reinstall them.

If i think of anything more for mod i will tell you.

The Bad:
Tops Ripped BUT HAVE BRAND NEW TOP just haven't put it on
Front tires could be changed
Both front fenders are rusted on bottom, but its been like that since I've owned the car and hasn't gotten worse
The car starts when it wants to (needs to be tuned)
a bit of oil comes out the exhaust, i was told it probably a reversed vac line
The paint could use a good buffing and wax
The seats r ripped just a little bit, only on sides
The brake booster needs to be replaced
The turbo has very very little a of shaft play

Here a list of parts i said i would include:
I have a s4 n/a engine. It ran but was leaking coolant from top on engine from one of the irons. I have the complete engine will include everything parts wise include exhaust manifold.

S4 TII 550 injectors- I believe there low imp.

S4 TII Irons- I have the Middle and i think the rear or front not exactly sure have to double check.

S5 Tail light convertible- i only have 1. Its the right 1

heres a list of Turbo parts i have:
oil filter neck i think tis called
Housing and manifold nozzles
corner seals 10/12
Metal Oil Control Rings(Cool
Oil Ring Spring Set
Front engine cover
water pump &housing
Engine mounts
counter weight

N/a Stuff
P/s pump
P/s Bracket
A/c comes with lines, cooler, compressor,bracket
rats nets
Stock Fly wheel
Stock vert ECU(N338)-70$obo "The N338 '88 Convertible ECU can be used in place for an '87 or '88 Turbo ECU. This bit of information furnished by Donnie Peters of the now-defunct Sun Auto."
Fuel pump
460CC red top injectors(4)
Oil pan
n327 boost pressure sensor
AFM(with attachment)


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