RITUNERZ Membership Rules & Regulations. (THE LAW) READ 1st Before Applying

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RITUNERZ Membership Rules & Regulations. (THE LAW) READ 1st Before Applying Empty RITUNERZ Membership Rules & Regulations. (THE LAW) READ 1st Before Applying

Post by MARTINI on Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:04 pm

Club Rules:
.These rules are for RITUNERZ membership and are addition to the terms & condition you agreed upon when signing up on this site and do not apply to basic forum members who wish to stay as such.

. All applicants must be 18 years or older to apply.
. Applicant must be able and willing to dedicate time to the club to fulfill the roles of a member.
. All new applicants must create a user name on the forums and fill out an official application.
. All applicants must attend 2 meets and/or events and meet with the President and Vice President before being considered.
. All applicants will be voted on by the Review Board for approval. (All current member's concerns will be taken into consideration)
. Once and if applicant is approved by the review board, the new member will be on a 30 day probation period. In that time membership may be revoked with out reason or notice.
. Once the 30 day probation period has been completed the Review Board will approve or reject full membership.

. All members must show an active involvement on the forums.
. All members must attend all scheduled "Club Meetings" (Exceptions will only be made for valid reasons such as family obligations, work schedules and emergencies) Notification of such must be communicated to a member of the Review Board.
. 3 consecutive no-shows to meets, meetings and events/shows with out valid reasons will result in a disciplinary review by the Review Board. (which may result in being expelled from the club.)
. All members must help at RITUNERZ hosted events when needed. (i.e. Direct Cars, sell mech or raffle tickets, judge ect..)
. No member may be involved with another auto club or display another auto club's decal. (forum only or brand specific clubs okay i.e. mitus-media.com, maxima.org, RIDSM ect..) Decals must be notably smaller than your RITUNERZ decal.
. While attending events/shows all members are required abide by the rules of the event/show and all vehicles are expected to be clean and maintained up to the vehicles maximum potential. Remember our vehicles represent RITUNERZ 24/7 & the club's reputation.
. All members are to treat all other members with respect, if an issue does arise with another member that can not be easily resolved, the parties involved will be required to attend a meeting with the Review Board for mediation. Failure to attend this meeting will result in being expelled from the club)
. All members MUST act in the Club's best interest at all times. Any actions that tarnishes the RITUNERZ name will not be tolerated.
. The use of Alcohol or Drugs prior or during a meet or event/show is prohibited. (Alcohol is permitted in certain occasions in moderation by members of legal age.)
. As a member or representative of RITUNERZ you are to be viewed as law abiding citizens. This includes involvement with illegal street racing. Note that RITUNERZ policy is to fully co-operates with all law enforcement officials at all times.

. Any and all information about our sponsorships is not to be communicated to "non-members".
. When dealing with our sponsors, you are to act professional and fulfill any obligation and/or payments you agree upon with such sponsor.
. Any member responsible for the loss of a sponsor or sponsorship will be ejected from the club and may be responsible for any financial loss to other members as a result.
. Any discount or "free be" are not to be shared or marked up for profit to persons outside of the club unless authorized by sponsor and the club.

. If a member violates any of the rules & regulation of the club, a meeting shall be held to inquire whether a cause for expulsion has arisen or not.
.In event the member is found guilty of violation of the rules, the member will be called before the club to explain his/her reason.
.If the club feels the reason is not satisfactory he/she will be suspended or be required to resign as a member.
.Should the member be terminated, they must remove any association with RITUNERZ on their vehicles & or website if applicable.
.The final ruling will be made and executed by the Review Board.

. RITUNERZ is governed by a President, Vice President and Team Captain who make up the Review Board.
. Vice President & Team Captain positions are elected position by majority vote of the club.
. Vice President & Team Captain positions can be vacated by majority vote of the club or by decision of the President.
. In the event the President is not present to a meet, event or show, the Vice President is in charge of the club.
. In the event both the President and Vice President are not present, the Team Captain is in charge of the club.
. No "offical" RITUNERZ meet or event shall take place with out one or more of the Review Board present.

. All minor decisions will be determined by a vote from entire club and majority rule will decide.
. In the event of a tie, the Review Board will make the final decision.
. All major decisions will be determined by a vote from the Review Board.
. In all major decisions the majority vote by the club will be taken into consideration by the Review Board and count as a 1 vote.
. The President of the club has the right to Veto any decision made by majority vote in his view of the best interest of the club.
. All voting by the club will be done in open forum style. (no secret/ballet voting) Only the Review Board can perform close door voting.

. RITUNERZ does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, veteran status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status or disability, however, RITUNERZ is a private club and holds the right to refuse an application for membership or to revoke membership at any time based on any reason it feels fit with out notice or the burden of explanation.
. Any and all of these rules are subject to change, this notice will be updated with such changes as soon as possible with any changes. Changes not listed or updated does not void such new rules or changes to rules. Current as of 08/20/2012
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